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Moments Matter

Marketers must be more proactive in understanding the relevant moments to engage users.
Relevant moments respect the real-world context of a users or put simply the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN.
AppICE is built on Semusi, a context awareness engine built using real time AI .


Who is the user? Are they male or female?
What age group are they in?
What are their behaviours and interests ?


What is the user doing in your app or BOT ?
Which section do they spend their time?
What do users do outside of your app


Where is the best places to engage users
Is user at home, office or in a vehicle?
Where do users use other apps?


When is the best time to engage users?
Is it morning, afternoon or evening?
Is it at 16:00 whilst in-vehicle?

Engagements (Million)
Sessions (Billion)
Users (million)

Product Overview

Behavioural Intelligence

Turn IOT and Smartphone sensor data into Behavioural Insights. Learn in real time about the changing preferences of the mobile user.

Contextual Segments

Contextual marketing is the next stage beyond simple segment based personalization. It’s not enough to create personalization strategies based on a static view of the customer. A contextual marketing approach leverages real-time signals of customer intent to optimize personalized content and deliver engaging experiences.

Personalised Engagement

appICE prides in presenting the most easy to use and comprehensive tools which mimic real-world context so that you can reach the right audience at the right time with relevant context and the right message to drive in-the-moment and personalized engagement.


Who are our users?

One of they key tenets of appICE is to enable AI on the edge devices. A typical smartphone produces hundreds of MBs of data everyday. Our patented algorithms cull out the intelligence from the raw data (without sending it off the device) to provide you the right insights on which you can build your engagement model for highest retention.

Automatically predicts users who are likely to un-install Determine interests (whilst honoring user permissions to protect privacy) Minimal impact on battery and higher accuracy as compared to OS features.


How did we get them?

Learn the most relevant and profitable sources of acquisition.

appICE shows you the acquisition source of the uninstalled users to help you understand which CPI networks are delivering and thereby enabling you to shift spends to more productive networks thereby saving marketing money.


What do our users do?

Know users interests and use that to personalize the engagement with them.

Know their usage patterns outside your app to get a rounded understanding of usage. appICE automatically identifies more than 20 interest types using its proprietary artificial intelligent algorithms.


How can we engage them?

The most easy to use segmentation solution for marketers to understand their reach and personalize the messaging to derive maximum engagement. Combine multiple attributes to define your target audience, know actual reach and engage.

appICE prides in presenting the most easy to use and comprehensive tools which mimic real world context so that you can reach the right audience at the right time with relevant context and the right message to drive in-the-moment and personalized engagement.


Who did we lose?

Learn which sources are irrelevant and draining your acquisition budget.

See the users who have uninstalled across geography, time, and source.

Automatically predicts users who are likely to un-install and run engagement campaigns to target them.

.... After finding out how often our active users were also using
competitive apps, we got a much needed reality check Ecommerce, Product Manager

Client Favourites

Working closely with our clients we have developed requested feature

Outside App Analytics

Get the complete persona graph of users through analytics of usage outside your app as well. An Industry first, this work is covered by two US approved patents.

BOT analytics

Increase user engagement, acquisition, and monetization through actionable bot analytics. Understand conversations in real time to answer your questions about your bot.

Predictive Analytics

Use the power of AI to predict and engage with the users at the moment of influence. Take the guesswork out of users that are likely to churn and re-engage them.

Natural Language Insights

Use NLP to understand the intent and context of the messages, conversations, reviews and user feedback. Supports major languages and colloquial regional usage as well.

Smarter Push Notification

Improve the delivery rate and speed of your notifications upto 4x using our proprietary push notification engine. Deliver on low speed networks, on Chinese devices where GCM does not work and other geographies where push notifications are restricted.

Behavioural Insights

Get deep knowledge about the users interests, demographics and behaviour in real time using our deep learning models. Use that to personalise egnagement, build smarter experiences or give real time offers.


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